Where’s the love?

Our simulation informatics blog hasn’t received much attention recently. I (Paul) have been getting settled in my new position at Colorado School of Mines—learning how to be a professor. David has been busy with his gig at Purdue and his other blog. We’re also both in talks with the folks at SIAM about writing for their upcoming blog; stay tuned for that.

You can stay up-to-date with our latest musings on computational math by following us on Twitter: @DrPaulynomial and @dgleich, respectively.

Banner image

I just uploaded a new banner image. It’s very amateur. If anyone knows any top knotch designers who’d want to make us a bang-up banner, let me know.

Model Reduction with MapReduce-enabled Tall and Skinny Singular Value Decomposition

David and I recently submitted a paper on some work we’ve be churning on for a long long time. I’m pretty excited it’s finally submitted. Here’s a link to the preprint on arXiv:

Model Reduction with MapReduce-enabled Tall and Skinny Singular Value Decomposition

Stay tuned for a “Behind the Research” perspective…

Active subspace methods in theory and practice

Qiqi Wang, Eric Dow, and I just submitted our recent work on active subspace methods including a theoretical framework and connections to kriging response surfaces. 

I’m giving talks at the national labs this week telling people about the work. Here’s the link to the arXiv paper:

Active subspace methods in theory and practice: Applications to kriging surfaces